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Rehmann's Financial Institutions Group provides services such as assurance, audit, information technology, and compliance to help you thrive in today’s marketplace and beyond. As one of the largest CPA, business consulting and financial services firms in the Midwest, we work with community banks as well as multi-state institutions. Services include Accounting, Auditing, Backup Services, Compliance, Consultants (General), Cybersecurity, Disaster Recovery Services, Documentation Software Solutions, Emerging Technologies, Financial Education, Financial Planning and Investments, Fraud Detection, Human Resources, IRAs, IT Services, Loan Review, M&A, Risk Management, Training, Turnaround Specialists, Wealth Management.

As experts in financial services, our professional team allows you to focus on your most important objectives while we guide you through complex challenges with best-practice solutions tailored to your specific needs. 

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Solutions Snapshot

Your team can rely on our extensive experience and resources providing the following:

Functional Area
Finance & Accounting
HR & Management
IT (Information Technology)
Risk & Security
Solutions for my Bank
Consulting & Strategy
Financial Management
Risk Management
Solutions for my Customers
Wealth Management
Service Area Nationwide
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