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Embedded Investing is a fully digital onboarding and account opening experience that can be embedded into any website or be a stand-alone experience. Stop customers from taking their deposits off platform in search of easy, engaging investing. And help them build wealth through professionally managed, advised accounts. Designed with new investors in mind, our thematic tilted portfolios allow customers to invest in things they care about while remaining risk appropriate. Customers remain in your ecosystem through a framed-in experience with simple SSO authentication. Envestnet performs the investment advisory activities, as the RIA.

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Solutions Snapshot

Features and benefits:

  • Thematic portfolios:
    • If desired, users can select from a list of 9 themes that align with their interests
      • Cool Technology (Robotics & AI, Social Media, Cloud Computing)
      • Popular Activities (Exercise, Relaxation and Entertainment, Travel)
      • People and Planet (Diversity, Climate Change, Community)
  • Access to licensed support:
    • Every user, regardless of size, has access to live chat with series 65 investment specialists.
  • Engaging Dashboard
    • With an opened account, users get a full-service view of their account as well as relevant market news to increase engagement through the app.
  • Tailored risk tolerance:
    • Our investment portfolios are tailored to meet investors' risk tolerance. Each user takes a fun risk tolerance questionnaire to help them personalize their portfolio’s risk tolerance.
  • Professionally managed:
    • Investors can build wealth through diversified, professionally managed accounts. They can check their portfolio’s performance anytime on their investment dashboard, but they don’t have to monitor the stock market or do deep research on individual stocks.
  • Recurring Contribution:
    • Automated contributions allow investors to effortlessly add money into their portfolio. Investors can turn this feature on or off as needed.
  • Socially conscious:
    • Investors can choose from 3 socially conscious portfolio that let them invest according to their values.
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