Go Digital or Go Home!  Launching a digital loan officer that works 24/7, 365 days a year to help meet your account holders needs for personal loans is the first step toward digital transformation.  Did you know 75% of personal loan applications are submitted after 5pm and on weekends?


Quilo empowers banks in four NEW WAYS to build new high yield loan portfolios with prime credits 

…underwrite, approve, instantly fund and service personal loans for their account holders who want to pay down credit card debt, replenish their checking accounts or make new purchases.   

 …acquire new SMBs and retail customers by enabling SMBs to offer instant financing at point of sale.

… automatically, within seconds, at the time of loan origination, to syndicate any of these personal loans with other participating Quilo clients when` they might need additional funding to close the loan which helps the SMBs and consumers get what they need, while reduce the concentration risk to any one lender.

… participate with other Quilo clients who are looking to syndicate approved personal loans when they need additional funding to close the loan, which helps all clients put deposits to work into higher yielding short term loans.

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