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Beauceron Security helps employees know how to prevent or stop a cyber-attack. We’ve found that an engaged and motivated workforce will stop an attack in its tracks before it becomes a problem, with 22% of employees reporting a phish the day it’s received, providing security teams with invaluable insight into threats targeting the organization.  

With over 700 clients worldwide, Beauceron Security is proud to work with some of North America's largest, and most heavily regulated financial institutions and telecoms, as well as government organizations and business enterprises of all sizes.  

Our proven positive approach to learning ensures employees receive the right education, at the right time, to make the most of every minute spent on security awareness training. With the right education and intervention, our customers can successfully correct 90% of risky behaviors.  

By automating repetitive tasks and closing the feedback loop on reported emails, we help security teams focus on what matters most: real threats to the organization.  

Results Worth Howling About  

  • 86% improvement in repeat clickers’ ability to recognize and action malicious emails. 

  • 93% of reported emails automatically actioned. 


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To learn more about Beauceron Security’s positive approach to cybersecurity awareness and training, visit

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