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13395 Voyager Pkwy Ste 130 #1098 Colorado Springs CO 80921 UNITED STATES
Founded 2014
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Botdoc allows banks to communicate with their customers (documents and more) with end-to-end encryption over email and text; without a need for pins, passwords, logins, accounts or apps to download. Keep the personal relationship and remove the security friction by automating document collection with the Botdoc NOW product. Banks that use Botdoc stop using secure email because the customer's experience and convenience is more important now than ever.

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ICBA Preferred Service Provider Product
PSP Preferred Product

Botdoc offers two products. Botdoc NOW™ can be utilized by an institution of any size in less than 15 minutes, and Botdoc API can be built into other platforms to transport documents and data in and out of that system without requiring a login to the system itself. The technology currently integrates with software, providing a seamless customer journey for millions of end-users. For more information, visit

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Botdoc helps thousands of organizations worldwide give their customers a better experience with a simple, fast and secure way to exchange confidential information. With Botdoc’s globally-patented technology, companies can employ an encrypted channel with consumers to exchange documents, signatures, payments, and other capabilities without the traditional challenges of passwords, apps, logins, or plugins.  The Botdoc NOW product can be deployed in a day (and frequently happens with 100's of ICBA Banks), while the API can bring a more customized experience while being built into existing systems.  



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