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As a trusted partner chosen by more than 3,000 financial services companies, IntraFi defines success not by the volume of transactions it enables, but by the quality of relationships it forms. IntraFi's network, established over 20 years ago, connects institutions of all sizes to help participants build stronger relationships with their customers, fund more loans, seamlessly manage their liquidity needs, and earn fee income. The network brings scale, giving each participant access to tens of billions of dollars in funding, the highest per-depositor and per-bank capacity, and the peace of mind of being able to make large-dollar placements.

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Solutions Snapshot

IntraFi’s relationship-building, liquidity management, and funding solutions include: ICS, CDARS, and IntraFi Sweep. 

ICS and CDARS enable members of IntraFi’s network of financial institutions to grow franchise value and increase profitability by offering customers access to multi-million-dollar FDIC insurance through a single relationship. 

With ICS, your customers can place their funds into demand deposit accounts (using the demand option), money market deposit accounts (using the savings option), or both. With CDARS, your customers can place their funds into CDs. Banks use ICS and CDARS to:

  • Build valuable relationships and better serve their customers — all while enhancing profitability​
  • Grow relationships regardless of liquidity — position receive matching deposits and keep the full amount of customer funds on balance sheet, or sell the excess and earn fee income, switching back and forth between receiving and selling deposits as liquidity needs change
  • Replace higher-cost funding (e.g., repurchase sweeps and letters of credit) and reduce collateralization requirements. ​

Your bank can also use ICS and CDARS to access wholesale funding. Whether you need fixed- or floating-rate pricing, overnight or term options, or millions or billions of dollars — IntraFi can help without credit lines, ongoing collateralization, or stock purchase requirements.  

In addition, with IntraFi Sweep, your bank can access funding amounts generally ranging from $25 million to multiple billions of dollars for terms ranging from 1 to 5+ years. IntraFi Sweep is available without stock purchase, credit lines, or collateralization, allowing your bank to use the entire value of the purchased funds for revenue-generating opportunities. 


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